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is a Spanish company specialized in the distillation of alcohol and its derivatives in the international market. Experienced staff has improved processes to produce alcohol in order to get highest quality at the lowest possible cost, being able to design and build equipment for all types and areas of production of the distillery.

We offer our customers the best State of the Art technology Art for the production of fuel or edible ethanol.

We have supplied over 400

Alcohol Plants, Biodiesel and Bioethanol Plants

during the last 30 years on five continents through our established business network in key countries and through our office in Madrid

Cuervo - 2012
destilacion cuervo rojena

Zapopan - 2011
sugar cane diffuser

Diageo - 2010
destilacion diageo

Destilmex - 2008

Fradealco - 2004
destilacion dyc

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